Thursday, 25 July 2013

summer style 

It seems in a country in which  is rains more often than not, it shocks us all when the weather is finally decent enough to wear shorts with out shivering in stubborn british style or a t-shirt with out growing a chilly new mountain range of goose pimples down your sun deprived arms. 

With the sun for most creatures of habit comes the question "what to wear?", with out the comforting fall back of the trusted old skinny jeans and a wooly jumper it can be easy to become over-whelmed with all the options: shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits.....the list goes on!

After psyching my self up and managing just about to tuck my winter friends away I decided to take a look at what I had and decide what I needed and compile what I have decided are my summer essentials (and a few extras!) here for you to see.

Flip flops
They are the ultimate summer shoe, sandals will come and go but fill-flops will all ways be there. These are the first pair of leather flip flops that I have tried on that are actually comfy to walk around in. They are beautifully useful and go with almost any out fit: shorts, skirts, you name it, they have it covered!

Hair band 
who doesn't  love a good hair band, this one is brilliant it can glitter up any outfit, night or day, up or down.
Summer hat 
 A floppy hat to add a bit of Audrey Hepburn to summer sun protection.

Isn't she just perfect?
Light jumper 
Even when the sun does come out there are times where how ever much we want it to be, a t-shirt isn't quite enough. With out having to boil inside with a thick heavy jumper this one is light but still keeps the chill off, as well as being a perfect pastel summer colour. 

Simple T's

They are never going to set the world on fire with excitement but they are essential for almost all summer out fits. The colour of this vest was what caught my eye along with the other slightly less vibrant striped version.
Little black (summer) dress

It may look fairly un-inspiring but this little dress is a definite friend it can be worn day or night with no fuss, it can be slipped on and off you go. A little black dress in summer can seem a little odd, but try it i promise you wont forget it.

Summer beauty is one of those things that can be so easily over done, to much make up can look heavy and make summer fresh skin look unnecessarily tired. A quick dash of sparkled nail varnish, a brush of blush and a swipe of tinted vaseline is all you need to look fresh in summer.

White is a timeless colour of summer this dress is a pretty shape and is completely easy and fun to wear.

Heeled nikes (other wise known as my babies!)
 These are my new babies they are wonderfully comfortable whilst still giving some height with a small heel. I love the grey as it will take me through summer and winter, paired with shorts in summer and jeans in winter- sorted! 

some cheeky little lacy socks to add a little something to my new friends.

I got quite excited with the neon and went for these two hot pink numbers to brighten any out fit!

love ring
A little bit of summer finger love in the form of a little gold ring.

Finally the piece de resistance something for when plain just isn't quite enough this little minx comes out and it makes me very happy!

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